Kangaroo Feeding

All species of Kangaroos are herbivores which means that they only eat plants. The specific types of foods that are consumed really depends on the specific species of Kangaroo that you are talking about.

Kangaroo Habitat

Kangaroos are very versatile animals and they are able to live in a variety of different habitats out there in Australia and Tasmania.

Kangaroo Predators

The Kangaroo doesn’t have too many predators out there that are due to nature. The Dingo which is a large type of canine found in Australia, is one that they often have problems with.

Kangaroo Reproduction

The reproduction process is very interesting for the Kangaroos. Male Kangaroos are called bucks and the females are referred to as does.

Kangaroo Social Structure

Kangaroos are very social animals, and they live in groups called mobs. The overall size of it often depends on their location and the availability of food and water resources.

Kangaroo Adaptations

Exploring the many elements of Kangaroo adaptations over time is quite amazing. Many experts are truly impressed that this animal has been able to evolve into what we know it as today.

Kangaroo Anatomy

The body structure of the Kangaroo is unlike any other animal out there. That is part of the thrill and fascination that people have with them.