Humans and Kangaroos

Humans and Kangaroos Index

  • Kangaroo Research Through Kangaroo research we have been able to get a detailed look at these animals. There is so much about them that makes them among the most unique animals in the world.
  • Kangaroos and Humans The Aborigines in Australia have a very long history of interacting with Kangaroos. In many areas of this country they are highly regarded as special animals.
  • Kangaroos in Popular Culture Kangaroos are very interesting animals and they are often found in various forms throughout popular culture.
  • Kangaroos Endangered The future for all species of Kangaroos is in jeopardy due to the loss of habitat and excessive hunting.
  • Kangaroo Hunting The concept of Kangaroo Hunting falls into one of three categories – those that hunt them for food, those that hunt them for sport, and those that hunt them to eliminate them for their own selfish needs.