Kangaroo Hunting

Kangaroo and Hunting for Sport

The concept of Kangaroo Hunting falls into one of three categories – those that hunt them for food, those that hunt them for sport, and those that hunt them to eliminate them for their own selfish needs. We will go through each of them in more detail but the bottom line is that all of these actions result in these animals getting closer and closer to becoming endangered. At this time they are listed as being endangered.

The Aborigine people of Australia have found life to be very harsh for them. You have to keep in mind that they are living in areas that can be very dry and where it can be hard to grow foods. They are also very poor and underdeveloped in many areas. They lack the skills to property use the land to grow very much. They also don’t have the right equipment to allow that to happen.

As a result they rely on the given resources around them that they have. One of them is the ability to hunt the Kangaroo for food. Keep in mind that these villagers don’t kill them unless they are in need of meat. They try to kill only the males so that they aren’t at risk of the young joeys dying as well. However, they will kill a female if they are desperate for meat and need to do so for their own survival.

In addition to hunting the Kangaroos for meat these villagers use the other parts of the body for various things. For example they use the hide to create different types of clothing and shelter. They also use the bones to make pots, utensils, and even weapons. They honor this particular animal in their ceremonies. They do so in order to show thanks for the resource that has been given to them.

Kangaroo hunting for sport is also very common. Believe it or not, many people love the thrill of hunting. However, they have long become bored with the hunt for common animals such as deer and even bears. They may travel all the way to Australia to take part in a guided hunt. That allows them to find the locations of the Kangaroos and to kill at least one of them.

Most of the time they don’t want to do anything else with this animal so it is left in the wild to rot. Some of them do take the dead Kangaroo so that it can be processed. They want to have a taxidermy preserve it for them so they have a wonderful trophy of their hunt. With the number of Kangaroos dropping more of these hunters are showing up on the scene.

They want to take part in such a challenge offered. At the same time they don’t want the numbers of them to drop so drastically low that they will completely miss out on the opportunity to hunt them. The poor Aborigines are often all too willing to take them into the habitat of the Kangaroo for hunting in exchange for goods or money.

The last concern of Kangaroo hunting has to do with those that simply want these animals out of the way. They are the ones intruding on the habitat of the Kangaroos and making it their own. Then they will do whatever it takes in order to keep them away from the land they are farming or where they happen to be raising cows and sheep. They can hunt them with guns, traps, and even through the use of poison. This is one of the reasons why Kangaroo numbers are being reduced all the time.