Kangaroos and Humans

Kangaroo and Human Relationship

The Aborigines in Australia have a very long history of interacting with Kangaroos. In many areas of this country they are highly regarded as special animals. However, it is also common for them to be used for the needs of humans. For example they are hunted in order to provide a great source of food for the people there.

Kangaroo meat is said to be very tough and hard to process. To make it taste better it is often used in stews or it is barbequed. This is one of the main meat sources for the Aborigines people. Without access to it their own basic needs would fail to be met.

Kangaroo hides have also continued to be used for recreation as well as for making various types of clothing and shelter from. You do have to give these villagers credit though because they are trying to do what they can to survive. They also show great respect for the Kangaroos that they kill. They use them for food and other supplies but they only kill what they must have to live on.

What is scary about that though is you will read plenty on the internet about the government of Australia trying to make money through exporting meat and hides from these animals. On one end they are trying to deny allocations but as with any political involvement they seem to talk in circles about it. Therefore it is hard to know if there is really a conspiracy going on here or if it is just rumors that continue to run amuck.

There are rumors of Kangaroos attacking humans out there. While they will do what they need to in order to protect themselves they are shy by nature. They are going to run away from humans when they have the opportunity to do so. There are some stories out there about people being attacked without provoking these animals. The records only have one documented case of a person being killed by a Kangaroo. That occurred in 1936 when a hunter tried to save his dog from a battle involving one.

Relation between Kangaroos and humans
Kangaroo joey and little girl

On a more positive note there is an amazing story about a name that was hit in the head by a tree in 2003. He is said to have been saved by a Kangaroo that was at least partially blind. The story goes that the man was laying unconscious in the field due to the head injury. The Kangaroo who has been called Lulu went to the home of the farmer and got the attention of his wife.

The family through it was very strange and went out to investigate. The Kangaroo was watching them and waiting. As they followed it, the animal continued to move into the wooded area. There they found the man and were able to get paramedics to him. The alert Kangaroo kept its distance but continued to watch until the man was taken from the scene of the accident.

Today though humans continue to create serious problems for Kangaroos. In  addition to taking over their space so that they can’t find enough food and water they are reducing the number of them through various types of hunting for food or for sport. Many Kangaroos are also killed annually by vehicles due to major highways with high speed limits being created in the heart of their natural habitat.

It is believed that many ranchers and farmers out there set poison for the Kangaroos as well. They don’t want them to come to the land that they are using for other needs. They find these animals to be a threat to them as well as a nuisance. Even though using such poison is illegal it is extremely difficult to identify the source of it once dead animals are found.