Kangaroos in Popular Culture

Kangaroos in Human Culture

Kangaroos are very interesting animals and they are often found in various forms throughout popular culture. Sometimes they are just regarded as an awesome animal. For example there are ceremonies of the Aborigines where they are honoring this particular animal. They do consume the meat of them, but take the stand that they have been placed on Earth for them to use for their own survival. They often give back to that by honoring the spirits of these animals.

One of the funniest cartoons from Looney Tunes involves Sylvester the cat. He is trying to teach his son all about catching mice and he is very excited to teach him.  However, each time that Sylvester goes into the warehouse to get the mouse he is faced with an adult kangaroo.

Of course he thinks that this is an extremely large mouse and he is terrified. When his son comes into the room though he only sees a very small mouse. This places out with plenty of different things going on. The Kangaroo is beating up the cat and his young son believes his dad was harmed by a tiny mouse. The cartoon ends with the dad being very upset and his son being disappointed that such a small mouse could scare him that way.

It is only then that the audience learns the dad cat was seeing a very large Kangaroo that got out of its crate at the shipping warehouse. The boxing antics of this cartoon Kangaroo keep children and adults both laughing as the story unfolds.

On a more serious note, you will find that the Kangaroo is on the Coat of Arms for Australia. The meaning behind this is to symbolize how the animal is always moving forward. That is the same goal that is in place for the country. This is why in Australia you will find the Kangaroo is a symbol widely used by businesses, on airplanes, and even on postage stamps and collectible coins.

Many of these collectible coins are very rare and hard to get your hands on. They are also worth quite a bit of money if they are still in good condition. Many avid coin collectors do their best to entice someone to sell such items for the right sum of money.

One of the most loved Kangaroo characters out there is simply called Kanga with her young joey being known as Roo. They are characters with Winnie the Pooh and even though they don’t seem to have much of a story line, they are still part of that entourage. You will find many items along these lines for children in the forms of toys and decorations.

Who can forget the children’s show Captain Kangaroo? It was actually one of the longest running children’s shows in history. It began in 1955 and ended in 1984, allowing many generations to have that particular show in common. In addition to exploring the Kangaroo in detail on the show to educate children, lots of information was shared about a variety of other animals as well.

There are quite a few different sporting teams named after the Kangaroo. This can be on local levels, state levels, and even within professional sports. Since the Kangaroo is a symbol of speed, agility, and strength it is understandable why they would use them as a mascot for such teams.

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