Surviving in Australia

A young mother and her joey of red kangaroos surviving in the Australian outback, and is not easy.

Western Gray Kangaroo

The Western Gray Kangaroo is a very large species of marsupial. Full grown males are about 6 feet tall. They can weight about 120 pounds.

Red Kangaroo

The Red Kangaroo is well known throughout the world. They get their name from the reddish color of their fur.

Kangaroo Habitat

Kangaroos are very versatile animals and they are able to live in a variety of different habitats out there in Australia and Tasmania.

Kangaroo Species

There are quite a few different Kangaroo species out there to learn more about. It is believed that they have been around for millions of years.

Kangaroos in Popular Culture

Kangaroos are very interesting animals and they are often found in various forms throughout popular culture.

Adult Red Kangaroo

Photos of kangaroos. Adult Red Kangaroo.