Will a Kangaroo Attack You?

Kangaroos are a strong and persistent breed. They have a protective and defensive character with the members of their species and with themselves. 

They generally look calm and serene at a glance. It may be true, but it is not always so. Kangaroos tend to protect their territory very effusively and cannot understand what is happening around them; that is, they can misinterpret the situation. 

They are considered territorial animals. They protect their females with great care and prevent anyone from approaching them when carrying the baby kangaroo in their brood pouches. 

They do not feel comfortable with the individual company or with the other animals, as long as they are with their herd, no danger will occur. 

Will a Kangaroo Attack You? 

The answer is yes. Kangaroos are capable of attacking you for even the most stupid reason. That can be harmful to the victim or animal that meets one of them. 

The person attacked will even be confused by such an act of aggressiveness towards him. There are testimonies of victims explaining things like “I was just taking a walk in the area, and a kangaroo chased me intending to attack me.” 

One of the reasons is to try to feed them. They can see it as a threat to attack them directly when the truth is that it is not. 

There are times when the kangaroo has been fed with sweets or snacks that they easily consume. But when they see you ingesting the same thing that you offered them to eat or something else, they can get mad and want to take it from you through blows. 

The government always tries to convince people not to feed animals, especially kangaroos, as this can lead to accidents for individuals seeking to feed them. 

Commonly, kangaroos attack you only if you provoke them to anger. It is usual for these marsupials to see you and decide to ignore you. They do not have the slightest interest in you. On the other hand, if you annoy them, they will react furiously and attack you. 

They will also have the desire to lash out at you if you are in their territory. Kangaroos will believe that you are there to take away their place and not allow it. It happens even if you are just out for a walk in the surroundings and have no intention of getting close. 

If you are in a confrontation with a kangaroo, it is recommended that you stand on your side, because if you stay in front of it, it will take it as a sign of attack. You must cover your face, neck, and especially the abdomen since the claws of these animals’ legs are so sharp that they can open your stomach. 

For many years, boxing training has been applied to kangaroos, to fight with other marsupials. The training sessions have been supervised by specialized professionals, always making sure that the animal has boxing gloves so as not to hurt the human with whom it practices. 

But this cannot be compared to a confrontation with a wild kangaroo. Indeed, with these animals, it is more complicated. They have no reason to stop at the time of a fight. So if you ever witness a situation like this, it is better to be cautious taking the necessary measures and avoiding provoking the kangaroo.